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4th Year MBBS Pathology (Special Pathology) OSPE by UHS (Set-5)

Following are the OSPE papers (Set-5) of 4th year MBBS Special Pathology UHS with  Answers/Keys.

 1.Ulcerative colitis : The pale irregular regions comprise ulcerations, n there is also pseudopolyp formations.

2.UC involve rectum , sigmoid n may involve entire colon  

1. Myocardial Infarct 
2. factors: occlusion of an artery (atherosclerosis) , thrombosis, embolus, smoking, age, sex, etc 
3. At 5hrs-early coagulative necrosis, edema, hemorrhage

‎1- Fatty Streak 
2- atherosclerotic plaque penetrate the intramycardial branches of coronary arteries n severe occlusion leads mycordial injury. 
3- it composed of cells inlude SMCs, macrophages n Tcells . ECM include collagen , elastic fiber n proteoglycans, Intracellular n extracellular lipids . Superficial layer is Fibrous cap n deep to it is necrotic core 

 ‎1. Paget cells which are highly eosionphilic
2. DCIS, Invasive ductul carcinoma
3. Hergulin produced by keritanocytes act on cancer cells and they convert iinto paget cells, these paget cells go to the skin withut disrupting the basement membrane , disrupt the epitheilum and hence edema and oozing occurs 

2.Immunofluorescence staining
3.three types : Minimal change, rapid progressive n membranous 

  ‎1 ) -single layer of Tall columnar epithelium , they are ciliated n some part are dome shaped secretary cells .
- Psommoma bodies 
2) Serous type 
3) Mucinous n endometroid

  ‎1- seminoma cells : large , round to polyhydral cells wth distinct cell membranes , clear cytoplasm n central round nuclei with infrequent mitosis 
2- Seminoma 
3- Non differentiated totipotential germ cell tumor

  ‎1- Disruption of thyroid follicles , with extravasation of colloid leading to a PMN infiltrate. 
2- subacute granulomatous thyroiditis 
3- viral infection

  ‎1- Gaint cell tumor of bone 
2- benign 
3- Soap bubble appearence. 
4-Reactive macrophages n mononuclear celss

 ‎1-honeycomb appearence
2- Interstitial pneumonia, non-specific interstitial pneumonia, pneumoconiosis 

1. Polcythemia vera 
2. bone marrow biopsy n JAK2 mutation 
3. erythropoitin level will b low

 1. Obstructive jaundice

1.less than 3.5 gm/day urinary protien in nephritic syndrome
2. hyperlipidemia, hypoalbuminemia, lipiduria, oedema, protienuria
3. low but not as low as in nephrotic syndrome

1. Grave's Diesease
2. TSH

1. Papillary carcinoma of thyroid gland
2. Multifocal, cystic and contain papillary excresences
3. Formalin

 1. ALL
2. Giemsa
3. sudan black stain.
4. condensed nuclear chromatin, small nucleoli, agranular scant cytoplasm 

 ‎1. Meningioma
2. Mass attached to dura and indenting brain, m/e will show psammoma bodies and cells in whorls

3. Meningiothelial cells of arachnoid

 1. Peptic ulcer
2. hemorrhage, perforation
3. Zollinger Ellison syndrome

‎1. gastric antrum
2. gastric ca confined to mucosa and submucosa regardless of lymph node involvement
‎3- Sister Mary Joseph nodule (node) is the palpable nodule buldge into umbilicus due to metastasis of gastric Ca, colonic Ca or pancreatic Ca


Shaheryar Ali Jafri said...

great job.. but Dear plz correct sm mistake on station 12.. Giant cell tumor is BENIGN not malignant and on radiograph u will find SOAP BUBBLE APPEARENCE

zeeshan sami said...

Gr8 work.....JAZAKALLAH...

Anonymous said...

station 2 zollinger elison syndrome

Dr.Hafiz Muhammad Aeymon said...

Thanks Alot bro...Always helping..God bless U :)

fahad butt said...

bro station 18 [er i think its mae thyroglobulin autoantibodies hoti hain please check and confirm...

Dr.Hafiz Muhammad Aeymon said...

tachycardia and exophthalmos are typical of graves...

fahad butt said...

thanks :)

Anonymous said...

in ALL u do PAS nt sudan black (station 20) plz correct it
Hammad ur rehman

Anonymous said...

isn't station 1 (the very first one)Crohn's? the lesions appear to be skip lesions.

Working on it said...

this link says that the lesion on station 7 is membranous no MPGN.

Atufa Imran said...

Allah Bless u

Maham said...

giant cell tumor is benign but locally malignant

usama said...

that is locally invasive. but we still consider it benign overall

Subhan Rathore said...

unobserved station 9......'non differentiated totipotential germ cell tumors' is "embryonal carcinoma" not 'seminoma'..............therefore it belongs to "seminomatous germ cell tumors" category...

Golden Phoenix said...

if colon is invlove then there is involved it is more chances of ulcerative colitis .

shahan saleem said...

antithyroglobulin and anti microsomal antibodies are also found in graves disease (ref.goljan) :)