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4th Year MBBS Pathology (Special Pathology) OSPE by UHS (Set-4)

Following are the OSPE papers (Set-4) of 4th year MBBS Special Pathology UHS with  Answers/Keys.

1. Mitral valve stenosis due to rheumatic heart disease .
2. Aschoff bodies are fibrinoid necrosis surrounded by macrophages, lymphocytes and plasma cels in myocardium due to myocarditis in rheumatic heart disease .
3. McCallum plaques is left atrial endocardial thickening due to endocarditis in rheumatic heart disease.

1. Papilloma/ papillary Carcinoma 
2. Transitional cell carcinoma 
3. a Adenocarcinoma b. Embryonal Rhabdomyosarcoma

1. Stroke (Massive Intra cereberal Hemorrhage) 
2. Hypertension or hypertensive rupture.

1. Sqamous cell Carcinoma 
2. a. Keratin pearls b. Cellular atypia c. Dysplasia 
3. Smoking causes diffuse, chronic irritation of whole of the respiratory and upper digestive tract so multiple primaries start to develop.

1. Malignant 
2. Glioblastoma Multiformi 
3. High grade

1. A heterogenous mass of tissue consisting of loose areolar tissue, cartilage, adipose tissue and
keratinized stratified sq. epithelium. 

2. Teratoma 
3. Osteoid tissue, neural crest cells, skin

1. In section B: (i)There is loss of chatecholaminergic neurons associated with gliosis. (ii) l
ewy bodies also visible in some of the remaining neurons

2. Parkinsonisim 

3. Dopamine

1. Mature cystic teratoma 
2. It is the presence of mature thyroid tissue in the teratoma of ovaries. 
3. It is the tumor of signet ring cells, primary in the stomach, and having mets to both ovaries.

1. Cocenteric hypertrophy of the left myocardium. 
2. Aortic stenosis, Hypertension 
3. Pressure overload hypertrophy of heart causes concentric hypertrophy and thickening of the wall
of ventricle; while volume overload hypertrophy causes dilated cadiomyopathy and increase in the ventricular volume.

1. Adult Polycystic kidney disease, a sponge like kidney 
2. Autosomal dominant 
3. Liver, spleen and pancreas

1. Lobar Pneumonia 

2. Strep. pneumonia 
3. a. Congestoion b. Red hepatization c. Grey hepatization d. Resolution

1. Atherosclerosis 
2. Obesity and raised serum cholesterol 
3.a. Fatty streaks b. Atheromatous plaques

1. Cysts 
2. Proliferative 
3. Yes

1. Malignant
2. Formalin

1. Fibroadenoma
2. capsulated??
3. No


Rishma said...

isnt stattion no 5 fibrocystic disease of breast

sahar said...

3rd last staion is fibrocystic disease and it is non proliferative.plz correct

maryam amin said...

fibroadenoma is non encapsulated

Raba Ali said...

acha jee :P