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4th Year MBBS Community Medicine OSPE by UHS 2012

9 January 2012

10 January

2.. biochemical waste,n method to destroy biochemical waste 
3..vegetables the nutrients which u get 4m this.. 
4..relative frequency.. 
5.incidence rate..n uses 
6..oral cntraceptv pills uses n s/e 
7.bysinosis..6 engineering measure to control it 
8..shenon weave, skills ov communications..n characterstic ov good msg.. 
9..accident 8 measures to control it. 
10..refrigerater pic..wt vaccines u advice to b kept in it..

1. oral contraceptive complications method of family planning in couple who has completed in family 
2. rickets. clinical manifestations 
3. rabies. vaccines . schedule of cell culture vaccine 
5. calculate stndrd error 
6. injctable cntraceptive n its uses 
7. opv,schedule 
8. sec attack rate.def pri index n sec cases 
9. disaster.types of disaster 
10. intractv: counsel obese woman how to reduce weight

  1. rapid sand filter.advantages. 
  2. hyaditd cyst. prventn 
  3. bar chart. type of data.examples of qualitative data. 
  4. tetanus schedule
    1. pregnant mother. 
  5. management of dog bite
  6. relative risk 
  7. iodine deficiency 
  8. rickets. deficiency.preventn 
  9. dots causes of MDR Screning graph labeling 
  10. hazards of sheesha


  1. population pyramid and its uses 
  2. bed occupancy in hospital numericl 
  3. secondary attack rate with example of numericl 
  4. BMI and interpret it . 
  5. specificty senstivity and ppv. 
  6. contracptn fr lady having 2 children for 5 year. 
  7. nurse has prckd hep B syrnge advice. 
  8. step of dsinfctn of wel. 
  9. advce to prgnant lady 5 month prgnant. 
  10. chckenpox diag nd cmpliction


  1. Epidmlgcl triad of scabies
  2. tick identify and disease
  3. ice berg and diseases 
  4. BCG dosage route and time of vaccination
  5. educating a woman to prepare ors at home 
  6. Rat flea and disease
  7. population after ten years (pt formula)
  8. ascarias and route
  9. oral contraceptive pills and contraindication.
  10. Milk born disease and two nutrients which are not in milk

CMH OSPE; warming and 2 effects and gases causing it. period for contraception n counseling 
3.opv n its temprature 
4.systemic randomized sampling 
5.epidemiologic triad of tick
6.propagated epidemic graph n example 
9.rabies management

1 sensitivity = 30% specificity = 78% Interpret result 
2 a) relative risk calculation b) interpret result 
3 growth rate calculation 
4 a)bi mortality curve b) interpret curves 
5 a) frequency polygonal curve b) how it is constructed 
6 MMR calculation 
7 a) Hepatitis A propogated epidemic b) what factor determine the spread 
8 a) man in field harvesting with bulls hazards to him b) prevention for each hazard 
9 a) polio vaccination picture b) factors which catse ki failure of program 
10 health education to parents of a child having scabies to prevent the disease in family and school fellows

11 January

1.Snake cobra, stepz of management. 
2. Pie chart. Calculate degrees fr 8%. 
3. Scenario. Tel which type of study.(cohort study) Tel its 3 disadvantages. 
4. Obs station pe bmi calculate n counselling to obese woman. 
5. Minus desk n its advantages. 
6. Silicosis ka scenario. N 3 industries jahan se ye hoti hai. 
7. Rickets. N its 4 causes. 
8. Demographic curve n reasons for such curve. 
9. Polio pic n steps in pak fr eradication warming


  1. anthracosis. 
  2. vit. C value deficiency 
  3. freq table relative freq. 
  4. population pyramid. 
  5. high risk mothers. 
  6. IUCD advantages and contraindications. 
  7. tick typhus. 
  8. association. 
  9. Tb and breast feedng. 
  10. chicken pox.
1:death n brth rate wz mentnd n net migrtn wz se grwth rate clculte krna tha n den pop doubling tym 
2:2 by 2 tble tha n us se atributble risk nikalna tha
3:6 wk ka baby aya.usy at birth wli epi lg chki.bki epi shedule likho 
4:.pregnant lady wz rhumtic heart disease n nechy OCP's,IUCD n cndom ki pix then n pocha tha is lady k lye wch cntracptivd methd 2 uze n rite 2 advntgz ov it n 2 disadvntgz ov othr 2 
5:snake bite symptmz dye thay ptosis,slurd speech,dysphagia n nechy cobra n viper givn thy n pocha tha kis ne bite kia n 3 key managmnt pointz fr snake bite
6.Chlorintn curve gvn tha us pe B,C pointz label krne thy n 2 tstz 2 detct residul chlorine 
7.anopheles mosquito ki pic di thi.usy identify krna tha n us k 2 featrz.n wayz 2 cntrl malaria 
8.rabid dog bite ki managmnt likhni thi n vacines k names 
9(obzrvd).Obesity pic of women n BMI givn tha 40.n nechy qst tha wt advice u wl gv regarding her state


  1. slum area, 
  2. stone cutting pnumoconiosis, 
  3. leprosy, housfly. 
  4. iucd ideal women contraindication, 
  5. 2*2 tabel, 
  6. relative risk, odd ratio, 
  7. polio vaccine type schedule, 
  8. mean mode median, 
  9. earthquake, 
  10. dibetes melitius counselling.

  1. mean n standrd deviatn
  2. reletive risk n odds ratio 
  3. aedes agypti its diseases n preventn 
  4. scabies agent n diagnosis 
  5. blindness two causes n preventn 
  6. populatn pyramid 
  7. advise 4 preventn of diarrhea 
  8. meteorological disastr.

  1. bcg vaccination 
  2. dengue(identify the insect,species n diseases) 
  3. iucd(what information will you give to woman) 
  4. mean,median,mode 
  5. heirarchy of health system
  6. (flcp services) 
  7. preventive n curative services at flcp rabies

  1. Cu.IUCD..n itx indication. 
  2. Ascariasis n itx primary prevention. 
  3. Calculate IMR, 
  4. Fatality rate of HIV, 
  5. distribution curve n itx characteristic, 
  6. vit c n diseasz causing 4m itx deficiency, 
  7. communication model n principal o communication, 
  8. hepititis c managment, 
  9. advice to a mother for her malnutrition baby.
12 January


  1. Mumps, 
  2. Smoking, 
  3. road acidnt, 
  4. central tedency, 
  5. postnatal period care, 
  6. marasmus, 
  7. rabies, 
  8. tb, 
  9. global warming 
  10. Diastr prep


  1. Occupational hazard pic n prevention 
  2. Prick pic,diseasws causd by it,prevntion
  3. Louse,its disease n prevnt 
  4. Mean,s.d, 
  5. Odds ratio,r.r,
  6. case control table 
  7. MI pic and modifable risk factor 
  8. Marasmus and preventn 
  9. Disaster pic n managemnt
  1. Aedes Aegypti Mosquito: name, diseases transmitted, vector control method 
  2. Septic Tank (already labelled): name, definition of sludge and scum, 
  3. Slow Sand Filter: Name, 4 layers 
  4. Counselling of woman to take her TB DRUGS regularly 
  5. Measles (Identify via picture): Is there a way to prevent this disease (Yes, duh), type of vaccine, dose/site/schedule/route 
  6. Normal Distribution curve: Name, what lies within 2 SD on either side, Is a value lying below -3SD significantly different (bad english, answer is "yes"). 
  7. Louse: Identify and name, diseases transmitted, vector cotrol measures, 
  8. Population Pyramid: What trends does it show, what is dependency ratio 
  9. Air Pollution: Measures to reduce, "lungs of the city" (parks and gardens) 
  10. Smoking: Health hazards related to it
1.shenon weaver model of communication...qualities of a good msg berg of disese 
3.measles...complications n vaccine dose 
4.calculate G.F.R 
5.calculate N.M.R 
6.picture...write 2 vit present and diseases due to their deficiency 
7.slow sand filter.....characteristics and by wh 4 processes water is filtered type of snake...managment
9.scnario n pic...dengue hemoragic agent...broad strategies of prevention and 1 eg of each.
10.interactive session....benefits n adverse effects of oral contraceptive pills

1-marasmus n prevention 
2- kwashiokr , primary prevention
3- ice berg of disease, how it help to control of disease. 
4- mumps n its complicatn
5- chicken pox , SAR, how it cn b controlled
6-reffered protein Amino acid score 
7. Pic dog bite prophyltc vaccine dose, which professionals r at risk. 
 8.epidemiol triad , how it helps in dis control. 
 9. Pre eclampsia risk in mothers n baby 
 10. BCG vaccine

1.pic of a mother with few months baby,identify,name 4 live attenuated vaccines,
2 vaccines given at birth 2.pic of iucd,identify,2 contraindicationz,2 indicationz. 
3.calculate mean median mode 
4.make 2 by 2 table,calculate relative risk and odd's ratio. 
5.pic of factory wid dhair sara dhuwan,identify,what health hazards are caused by it,preventive measures. 6.a mother comes to u wid 4 month old baby,what advice will u give her? 
7.pic of a garden wid fountainz/big flower pots and jaisi thingys,name insect which can breed here,2 diseases caused by it,preventive measures. 
8.disaster ki pic,itz management.

Snake bite management 
Goiter idntification,efects in childrn,preventi0n 
Iceberg phen0mena,diseases showing ths,methods f screning 
Hazards in beauty parlour n preventi0n 
Secondary attck rate,limitati0ns 
Mean n standard deviation 
Dog bite risk n schedule 
Populatin pyramid 
 F0rmati0n f chloramines wali diag 
M0ther have TB how to prevent child

13 January

1 Chicken pox idntfy nd prevntin 
2 kawashirkor caus nd manag 
3 coal miner , hazards.preven 
4 air polluti hazardsnd effects 
5 hard tick nd diseas 
6 bmi 
7 flood management 
8 mean nd SD 
9 TB mther advice her abt vaccin n feedin 
10 advice for sanitation in restaurant

  1. Kwashirkor 
  2. prevent Measles cause prevent 
  3. SD 
  4. RR,ODD calculate 
  5. Noise hazard 
  6. Slum area 
  7. Glass industry 
  8. Rabies vaccine 
  9. Calculate mean 
  10.  Prevention of DM
1.neurotoxic snake,management 
2.dengue,strategies n intervention 
3.sand bed (rapid sand filter)
4.neonatal mortality rate 
5.generel fertility rate 
6.vit.A N vit.C 
8.oral contraceptive uses n disadvantage

  1. Grps of vegetables, daily req, y protective. 
  2. Incid rate, uses. 
  3. Pop pyramid, info obtaind. 
  4. Communic, barriers. 
  5. Specificity, sensitivity, positive predictive value, negative predictive value. 
  6. Mental health aetiology, comprehensive mother heath. 
  7. Hard water, adv disadv. 
  8. Epi 
  9. triad, diseases, vector cntrol. 
  10. IUCD complications

  1. measles, 
  2. IUCD, 
  3. meat nd diseases transmitted,
  4. lice, 
  5. odds ratio, 
  6. histogram, 
  7. hookworm, 
  8. cattle grazing
1- vitamin A deficiency, & associated eye problems 
 2- Anthracosis,2 forms, 4 engineering measures 
3- calculate MMR 
4- calculate Incidence
5- Mumps & its 3 complications 
6- population pyramid.4 features ,phases/stages 
 7- rapid sand filter.labeling, advantages 
 8- chi-square.. significance..interpret 
9- write incidence from given diagram..2 causes of increased incidence 
10- observed; school health,personal hygiene measures,type pf desks

1. Draw Contingency table, odds ratio, relativ risk 
2. Advice on ORS to mother hving 6 mnth old child. 
3. Child face pic (Rubella), cause, prevention 
4. Kwashiorkor, cause, prevention 
5. Pic (stone crushing industry, identify, disease, best measure to prevnt. 
6. Child's trunk diagram with rash (chcken pox), cause, prevention 
7. Mean n Standard Deviation 
8. Filariasis, causes, vectors 
9. Sand fly , diseases, control 
10. Insecticidal spray, fr whch organism, diseases?

14 January

1-Air pollution pic Hazards n diseases 
2- Mean Mode Median 
3- 2x2 table bnana tha , odd ratio n RR 
4- Forest n fire , measures to prevent 
5-type of Cu T , Indication n Contraindication 
6- Blindeness , 2 non communicable diseases n prevention 
7- empty Vials n VVM k btana tha n Toxoids ka

1. 3 boxes bny hue thy unko label krna tha.wh chain of causation thi.n usko meningitis k lye explain krna tha. 2.trachoma n.complications 
3.PPV NPV ,prevalance calculation 
 4.CBR givn tha n deaths of infants,IMR calculat krna tha. 
6.shaker,s tape k results ko interpret krna tha. of people going to umrah 
8.break point chlorination curve tha uska name btana tha n 3tsts 4 residual chlorine

  1. goiter, 
  2. flood, 
  3.  measles, 
  4.  rubella, 
  5.  SD, 
  6. Sensitivity n specificity, 
  7. fresh water diseases, 
  8. rabies, 
  9. geriatrics, 
  10. epidemiological triad

1.mean,median mode 
2.aids ka scenario sath pocha tha 2 oppurtunistic diseases aor is vaccination availabke 
3.why road accidents occur,bike ki pic di thi 
4.chicken pox and what is its secondry attack rate 
5.maximum protein is present in which?answer tha egg aor sath tha name the test with which u wil chek the freshness of egg 
6.communication proces and 3 health models 

  1. shannon weaver model....principals of health education. 
  2. age specific death rate...
  3. young n old farmer driving the tracter....??hazards....prevention 
  5. water pollution pic.....risks...what actions should b taken by govt for prevention 
  6. mean n standard deviation 
  7. scurvy...vit c....n effects of its deficiency 
  8. vaccination of it....n immunizing agents of humans against rabies 
  9. high cholesterol....counselling.... 
  10. copper t & its complications
1.selective primary health care , its components 
 2.validity and positive predictive value calculation 
 3. incidence calculation 
 4.palgue: identify , agent vaccine dose route and shedule 
 5.combined oral contraceptive pills 
 6.cockroach disease caused by it 
 7.frequency polygon curve, type of data used in it 
 8.malnutrition 3rd degree 
 9.advice to drug addicts about HIV/AIDS
10. Pic of obesity, what advice will you give to patient.


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