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ENT Instruments for OSPE

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 Adenoid currette with gaurd

Asch's septum forceps (open)

Asch's septum forceps (cloesd) 

Ballenger's Swivel knife

Bisturi knife for quinsey

Boyle Davis mouth gag


Check retractor

Double axial septum puncture forcep


Eves' Tonsil Snare

Tracheostomy tube

Killian's nasal gouge


Mastiod gouge

Mollison's mastoid retractor

tilley's antral burr

Tonsil holding forceps

 Tonsil holding forcep (side view)

Tonsil retractor & dissector

Tonsillar artery forceps

Tounge depressor

tracheal dilator

Turbinectomy Sessior

walscham forceps open

Walscham's Forceps

Adenoid curette without guard


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