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EYE Instruments Labelled plus Uses for OSPE Plus Drugs

Plain Curved scissors
Use: to cut and undermine conjuctiva and skin

Hydrodissection cannula
Use: to perform hydrodissection and hydrodelineation in phacoemulsification

Castroviejo Calliper
Use: to take measurement during squint, ptosis, RD and vitrectomy

Kelman McPherson Forceps or IOL holding forceps (both above)
Use: to hold haptics

Corneal forceps (both above)
Use: to hold corneal and scleral edge for suturing

Lacrimal probe
Use: to probe nasolacrimal duct

Castroviejo's needle holder
Use: to hold needle for different intra-ocular and extra-ocular surgeries

Irrigation and aspiration cannula (both above)
Use: Irrigation and suction of lens

Squint hook
Use: to engage extra-ocular muscles during squint surgery and also used as lens expressor

Ptosis clamp

Chalazion Clamp
Use: Fix chalazion, achieve haemostasis during incision and drainage

Artery Forceps
Use: To catch bleeding vessels and also to hold skin and muscles.

Foreign body Spud
Use: to remove corneal foreign body from cornea

Chalazion Scoop (Right)
Use: Scoop out content of chalazion during surgery and curettage
Chalazion Clamp (Left)
Use: Fix chalazion, achieve haemostasis during incision and drainage

Kelt needle holder
Use: In lid surgery and passing superior rectus suture

Lacrimal Cannula
Use: Syringing the lacrimal passage

Lens Expressor
Use: To apply pressure and also as muscle hook

Use: To make corneal incision for entry into anterior chamber for all cataract surgeries.

Tooke's Knife
Use: To separate conjuctival and sub-conjuctival tissue from sclera and limbus in trabeculectomy and keratoplasty

Wire Speculum
Use: to keep lids apart

Spring Scissor
Use: Cutting and undermining.

Plain Forceps (Top)
Use: to hold tissue and skin during operation.
Fixation Forceps (with teeth) (Bottom)
Use: to fix and hold the eyeball during operation.

Vannas scissors
Use: to cut the vitreous during vitreous prolapse

Evisceration Spatula
Use: to separate the uveal tissue

Superior rectus holding forceps
Use: to hold superior rectus muscle

Arruga's Intracapsular Forceps
Use: To hold the lens capsule to remove the lens in ICCE

Use: to split or chop the nucleus

Sinskey hook (IOL dialer)
Use: to dial IOL for proper positioning in lens capsule

Iris repositor (both above)
Use: to reposit iris

Plain Straight Scissor
Use: Cutting

Cat's Paw lacrimal wound retractor
Use: To retratct the skin during lacrimal sac and lid surgery

Cystitome and capsulotome
Use: Anterior capsulotomy during ECCE.

Wire vectis
Use: to remove dislocated lens

Chalazion Clamps
Use: Fix chalazion, achieve haemostasis during incision and drainage

Entropion Clamp

Lid retractor (left)
Chalazion Scoop (right)

Important Drugs For EYE OSPE ( Active Ingredients, MOA, Side Effects)

  • Phenylephrine (Trade Name : Despec, adrenergic) 
  • Atropine (Trade Name : AtroPen, cycoloplegic n mostly RED cover hota hai) 
  • Cyclopentolate (Trade Name : Cyclogyl, AK pentolate, mydriatic n used in Pupillary dilation , Refractive assessment n Uveitis )
  • Tropicamide ( Trade Name :Paremyd) 
  • Beta Blockers
  • Prostaglandins (mostly Laptoprost)
  • Alcaine (Trade name : Proparacaine Hydrochloride Ophthalmic Solution, topical anesthetic)
  • Pilocarpine (Parasympathetic,Trade names : Diocarpine (Dioptic), Isopto Carpine (Alcon)
  • Timolol maleate (Trade name :Timoptic) 
  • Triamcinolone (Trade name :Aristocort, Kenacort, Tri-Nasal)