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4th Year MBBS Special Pathology OSPE by UHS 2012

January 23, 2012

  • 1.ulcerative colitis (gross features, crypt abscess) 
  • 2.cirrhosis of liver (causes, compl) 
  • 3.seminoma testes (features, other testicular tumors) 
  • 4.M.I (which necrosis, diagnostic test) 
  • 5.leiomyoma uterus (sites of leiomyoma, malig counterpart) 6.loabar pneumonia 
  • 7.CML 
  • 8.Hodgkin's lymphoma 
  • 9.aplastic anemia (diagnosis+ investigations) 
  • 10.megaloblastic anemia 
  • 11.DIC 
  • 12.medullary carcinoma breast 
  • 13.follicular carcinoma thyroid 
  • 14.osteoclastoma 
  • 15.acromegaly (which hormone is related, test to diagnose)
  • 16.juvenile DM 
  • 17.alcoholic cirrhosis 
  • 18.MI in diabetic pt (scenerio) 
  • 19.bladder carcinoma (morph +types) 
  • 20.acute pyelonephritis


  • 1.MI Ki 1-3days wli chnge ki dia+enzyme 
  • 2.alcholic livr mic pic+cmplicatin 
  • 3.reed sternbrg cel pic+disease+clasifictin 
  • 4.nephrn ki pic+label 
  • 5.thyroid eye dis ki ankh wli pic 
  • 6.rheumatoid arthritis,x-ray pic of ulnar deviation 
  • 7.artry mi thrombosis ki pic 
  • 8.membranoproliferative glomeruli pic 
  • mi enzyme levl ka tym 
  • 11.basal cel ca ki microscopic pic 
  • 12.Poikilocystic astro. 
  • 13.cncr of cervix, 
  • of urthra. 
  • 15.seminoma 
  • 16.Osteomylitis. 
  • 17.gout. 
  • 18.pigment gal stne. 
  • 19.electrn microscopy of basmnt membrane normal, 
  • 20.tubes use for blood storage. 


  1.  Acute appendictis.. 
  2.  tb lymph node... 
  3.  Gaint cell tumor.. 
  4.  aortic aneurysm... ...
  5. Fibroadenoma.... 
  6. sq cell ca.. 
  7. grave. Adison disease.. 
  8.  thalasemia... 
  9.  CLL... 
  10.  Hypochmic anemia... 
  11. Megaloblast... 
  12.  Cholestatic jaundice... 
  13. Primary biliary colgitis.... 
  14. Multiple myeloma.. 
  15. pitutary hyperptolectimia.. 
  16. sq cell ca r 
  17. hypochromc anemia identification on microscope


  1. Cholecytitis .
  2. cholilthiasis .
  3. adenocarcinoma . 
  4. Graves .
  5. hashimotos 
  6. Gynecomastia .
  7. invasive ductal CA .
  8. papillary .
  9. Follicular .
  10. Sickle cell anemia .
  11. hydrocephalud .
  12. brain abcess .
  13. aneurysm 
  14. retinoblastoma 
  15. cirrhoss
January 25, 2012
1.pheochromocytoma(scenario and tests)
2.meningitis(scenario and complication)
3.osteoclastome(pic dee hui thee and microo batani the and diagnose)
4.liver cirhosis(gross pic the diadnose and give morpho)
5.fibroadenoma(diagnose and micro)
6.hypoglycemia(scenario and traetment)
7.hyperparathyroidism(scenario and btana tha acute abdomen kesay hoga)
8.emphysema(diagnose and tests and enzyme btana tha)
9.immune thrombocytopenic purpura(scenario and pt and aptt ko kya hota hai issmein)
10.hypertrophied heart(pic thee and cause batana tha)
11.gastric carcinoma(adeno tha pic theee)
12.CIN (screening k liye test ka btana tha)
13.seminoma(diagnose and makers k naam)
14.multiple myeloma(diagnose and tests)
15.iron deficiency anemia (diagnose pic sath thee and tests btanay thay)
16.CML(pic the diagnose krna tha)

adenocarcnoma lung pic..its morphology,diagnosis
clear cell..diagnosis,morpholgy,name of two other malignant n 1 benign tumr of kidney
poststreptococcal GN..diagnsis,morflogy
BPH..diagnosis,marker n morpholgy
ca of its scoring system,what is highest n lowest score in it.,its markers
ca bladder..parasite associated wid it,whch type f carcinoma it causes of other seminomatous tumor,morpholgy
multinodular thyroid..morpholody,2 types of adenoma
papillary ca thyroid..diagnosis,morphology its metastasis
carcinoid tumor..define carcinoid tumor n synndrome,difrnce btw typical n atypical?
colorectal ca..diagnosis,morpholgy,associated syndrome?
fibroadenoma breast
ductal ca no-special-typ..morfology,metastasis
gynecomastia..diagnosis,morfolgy,is it benign or malignant
bladder stones and cirrhosis k risk factors/causes

January 26, 2012
ulcrtiv colitis
nutmeg livr
diabetic coma
iron def anemia
aplastic anemia
hyprtrofy heart
mi mico pictre
poststreptococl glomerulo
aplastic anemia
lbr pneumonia
renal ca
papilry ca
urothelial ca
breast ca

invasive ca
fibrocystic chngz
colon ca,apc pathway
megaloblastic anemia
hereditry sferocytosis
astrocytoma,low or hi grade
biliary cirrhosis
wilmz tumor
acute renal failure
cronic pyelo ki morp
h pylori,its efects
Rheumatic heart disease
multinodulr goitr
iron def anemia

Seminoma Identify. Two other tumors of testes. Tumor Marker for Seminoma
Multiple Myeloma Idenify. 2 diagnostic tests. 
Hypertrophy of ventricles. Other organs which show hypertrophy. is this reversible
Emphysema identify. Result on spirometry. Associated enzyme deficiency
Gastric CA identify. Three risk factors. What is Krukenberg tumor
Giant cell tumor identify. Microscopy. Nature of the tumor
Scenario with hyperparathyroidism. Cause for Hypercalcemia. Condition of hypecalcemia which causes acute abdomen (pancreatitis)
Scenario of HYPOGLYCEMIA. Diagnosis. First line treatment. What fatal complication can be prevented by prompt treatment
CML Identify. Cytogenetics. 
PKD Identify. Patterns of inheritance. What is the protein coded by the gene (polycystin 1)
Iron Deficiency Anemia Identify. 3 causes for this type of anemia.
Goiter (Not sure what type). Microscopy. Goitrogenic food stuffs
ITP Identify. Whats will be the levels of PT and APTT.
Scenario of Hemophilia. Enlist coagulative disorders. Enlist 4 confirmatory tests.
Scenario Bacterial Meningitis. Fatal complication. Another test for diagnosis (LP was already given).
Scenario pheochromocytoma. Diagnossis. Diagnostic tests (VMA was already given).


-Iron def anemia 
-Megaloblastic anemia
-Acute renal failure 
-Pyloide tumor
-Proliferative breast changes without atypia
-wilm's tumor 
-Diabetic ketoacidosis 

January 28, 2012

2.multiple myeloma
3.grave disease
4.aplastic anemia
5.megaloblstic anemia
6.renal cel crcinoma
7.adenomatus polyposis coli
8.smal cel lung crcinoma
9.obzrvd statn mei hypocrmic microcytic anemia slide
10.obzrvd mei cholecytitis slide
11.cushing disease
14.prostate cncr diagnosis n clculatn ov prostatic index
16.fibrocystic change
17.alcohlic liver disease
18.diabetic ketoacidosis

invasive lobular ca,fibroadenoma,
endometrial ca,
diabetic ketoacidosis,
peptic ulcer,
gastric ca,
papilary ca of thyroid,
adeno of lung,
cholestatic jaundice,
clear cel ca,
giant cel arthitis,
arotic aneurysm,

1. pic of multiple myeloma: stain used? What is electrophoresis pattern? which cells are present in MM?
2. scenario why thyroidectomy would cause hypocalcemia? 4 other causes of hypocalcemia
3. identify gross pic of meningioma: identification features of meningioma? origin of this tumor?
4. identify gross pic of vegetaion on mitral valve? what problems it will cause? causative organism ?
5. identify histo pic of peptic ulcer: two locations where its common? causative organism?
6. identify gross pic of leiomyoma? most common benign uterine tumor? write the gross morphology?
7. scenerio with pic of enlarged thyroid? what is dignosis(grave's disease) ? what tools are present to aid in diagnosis?
8. Identify histo pic of invasive ductal carcinoma? Where does it metastasize? What are prognostic features
9. Scenario of Addison’s disease: related question
10. Pic of seminoma: Is it benign or malignant? Write other germ cell tumors? What is best treatment for seminoma ; chemo or radio?
11. gross pic of endometrial adenocarcinoma: write gross morphology? Whats diagnosis?
12. Identify histo pic of squamous cell carcinoma of lung? Give histo findings for diagnosis?
13. identify gross pic of fibrocystic change in breast: what microscopic findings would you find in such lesion?
14. Identify histo pic of sickle cell anemia? What is it pathogenic complications?
15. Identify gross pic of osteosarcoma? Is it benign or malignant? Write histologic findings in such lesions?
16. Identify histo pic of papillary carcinoma of bladder? Write histological findings in such lesions?
17. Identify histo pic of adenocarcinoma of colon? What is duke’s classification?
18. identify gross pic of renal cell carcinoma? What is the most common tumor of kidney? What is the counterpart tumor in children?
19. identify histo pic of pulmonary tuberculosis? Describe histology of lesion? Causative organism?


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