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FCPS-Part-1, Surgery & Allied Paper 1 & 2 (4th February 2015) - SOLVED

CPSP Past papers for FCPS part 1 past paper solved of 4th February 2015 for the speciality of Surgery & Allied

FCPS-1 4TH FEBRUARY 2015 (Paper 1 & Paper 2)
Special Thanks to  Dr. Badal Khan AND Dr. Nasar Yaqoob for compiling.

Q1. A patient with diabetic ketoacidosis was being managed but died during treatment. Most likely infection is:
a.mucur [ANSWER]

Q2.The specific feature of Apoptosis is:
a. cell shrinking  [ANSWER]
b. karyolysis
c. hyperchromasia
d. cell swelling

Q3.A tumor with all germ layers
a. teratoma [ANSWER]
b. mixed mesodermal tumor
c. cysts

Q4.An obese man with h/o atherosclerosis underwent laparotomy due to bleeding in abdomen n
during surgery, his small gut was purple n sup mesenteric artry was blocked , so what is dx
a. wet gangrene [ANSWER] 
b. dry gangrene
c. thrombosis d. volvulos

Q5. ADH is inhibited by
a. alcohol [ANSWER] 
b. aldosteron
c. rennin

Q6. Wound of surgery with green discharge is due to
a.pseudomonas [ANSWER] 
b. salmonella
c. candidiasis d. mycobacterium

Q7. Hiv associatd with
a.decreased CD4 [ANSWER] 
b. cytotoxic T cell

Q8. Open wund healing includes
a.myofibroblast [ANSWER] 
c. macrophages d. lymphocyyes

Q9. S1 is lost so there will b
a. ulcer on medial n lat sole 
b. loss of sensation on lat leg
c. flexion of ankle affevted d.loss of ankle jerk [ANSWER]

Q10.Cardiac out put depends on
a. venous return [ANSWER] 
b. exercie
c. stroke volume or [ANSWER] 
d. EDV

Q12.Following has highest clearance value
a. inulin 
b. para amino hippuric acid [ANSWER]
c. K d. Na

Q13.Apex of heart is
a.about 8cm from mid line [ANSWER] 
b. in 3rd intercostal space
c. inguinal canal d. pulmonary trunk

Q14.FRC is sum of
a. vital capacity plus tidal vol 
b. vital capacity plus exp reserve vol
c. ERV and RV [ANSWER] 
d. can b measured on spiromrtry

Q15. A girl of 11 yr was reffered to x ray department for xray of elbow joint to know age ,
a. capitulum b. trochlea
c. med epicondyle 
d. lat epi condyle [ANSWER]

Q16. quadrate lobe
a.functionally part of rt lobe 
b.drains into left hepatic duct [ANSWER]
c.lies bte inf vena cava and lig venosum.

Q17. Intrinsic pathway is activated by of tissue collagen when it comes in contact [ANSWER]
b. factor X

Q18.Which is not a 'basic tissue of body'?
c.blood [ANSWER] 
d.epithiliuem e.connective tissue

Q19.Cervical rib attached to trverse process of cevical rib will compress:
b. C8 

Q20. Aortic aneurysm which structure not compressed:
a. Esophagus 
b. Trachea
c.left primary bronchusd 
d.Thoracic duct 
e. Phrenic nerve [ANSWER]

Q21. Resting membrane potential acieved by:
a.diffusion of potassium outside the cell 
b.Na K pump [ANSWER] same for all types of cell

Q22. What is median if values are 20 20 25 30 35 40 25 30:
a.27.5 [ANSWER] 

Q23. Dead organisms in vaccine :
A. Measles 
B. Mumps
C. Tetanus 
d.pretussis [ANSWER]

Q24. Esophagectomy done , stomach is mobilized to upper portion of thorax .. To anastomosis with
phayrnx, Which artery is responsible for stomach supply now
a.left gastric [ANSWER] 
b.Right gastric
c.Left gastroepiploic 
d.Short gastric vessels

Q25. Patient is pregnant and suddenly faints due to less blood ot brain or something. She'll be
positioned in left lateral and not right lateral to avoid compression to which abdominal structure:
c. Liver

Q26. Post op wound having greenish pus discharge organism involved:
a. Staph Aureus 
b.pseudomonas [ANSWER]
c. Streptoccocus Virid d. Kliebsella

Q27. Common carcinogen of Ca cervix:
b. HSV
c. Chronic irritation 
d. IUD

Q28. Chronic Myeloid Leukemia
a.chromosome 9&22 [ANSWER] 
b. chromosome 11& 22
C. chromosome 14 & 22

Q29.common Post op infection in hospital cause by which organism :
a. Staph Aureus [ANSWER] 
c. e.coli d. Kliebsella

Q30. Steroids drug action on cells:
a.act on genes [ANSWER] 
b. Adenyl cyclase
c. CGmp d. Ip3

Q31.claw hand produced by unopposed action of
a.flexor digitorum longus and flexor digitorum profundus
b.extensor digitorum longus and extensor digitorum indices
c.extensor digitorum and flexor digitorum profundus [ANSWER]

Q32.blood supply of head of humerus is
a.anterior circumflex artery [ANSWER] 
b.posterior circumflex artery
c.suprascapular artery d.subscapular artery

Q33. Organelle have microtubules in its structure:
a. Golgi apparatus 
b. Mitochondia 
c.centriole [ANSWER]

Q34.blood supply of head of femor is
a.femoral artery  
b. obturator artery 

Q35.function of anterior cricuiate ligmant is
a.prevents forward sliding of the tibia on the femur [ANSWER]
b.prevents backward sliding of the tibia on the femur

Q36.if iodine is nt used for formation of thyroid hormorne,then iodine excreted which site of the
b.urine [ANSWER]
c.salivary gland

Q37. Mucus not secreted by:
a. Larynx 
b. Trachea
c.terminal bronchioles [ANSWER] 
d. Nasopharynx

Q38.coagulative necrosis occurs due to
a.ischmia [ANSWER]

Q39. A man of 70 has recurrent UTI cause (No clue was mentioned regarding bedridden):
a. Instrumentation b.outflow obstruction [ANSWER]
c. Diverticulum d.catheterization

Q40. Plasma Protein Binds With All Except:
a.oxygen [ANSWER] 
b. CO2
c. Iron d. Bilirubin e. Thyroxin
Q41. Which drug cause tachycardia in therapeutic doses:
a.morphine [ANSWER] 
b. Fentanyl
c.afentanyl d.pethidine

Q42. Highest bioavailability of anti emetics:
a.metaclopromide [ANSWER] 
b. Qdansetron

Q43.f there is abnormal metabolism of amino acid.which of the following amino acid will appear in
a.alanine b.tryosine c.tryptophan

Q44.nerve supply of extensor digiti minimi
a.deep radial nerve [ANSWER] 
b.superfcial radial nerve

Q45. Pregnant lady anaemic, Best lab investigation:
a. S. ferritin 

a. VLDL 
c. LDL 
d. Chylomicrons

Q47.ruttor cuff is formed by
a.supraspinatus,infraspinatus,teres minor and subscapularis [ANSWER]

Q48. Decrease Insulin will leads to:
a.Increase activity of Lipoprotein Lipase 
b.ketogenesis in liver [ANSWER]

Q49.the structure which prevents muscle from tearing under a constant presuure
a.ruffinis endings 
b.golgi tendon organ [ANSWER]
c.merkle cells d.muscle spindle

Q50. First heart sound:
a. Atrial systole 
b.isovolumic contraction [ANSWER]
c. Isovolumic relaxation 
d. Rapid ejection

Q51.regarding golgi tendon organ it
a.senses dynamic length of muscle 
b.senses muscle tension [ANSWER]
c.alpha motor neuron stimulation d.involved in reciprocal innervation

Q52. 55yrMan With Weakness And DysphagiaTarget Cells, Blood Profile With :
a. AOCD b.iron deficiency anemia [ANSWER]

Q53.optic chiasma lesion causes
a.bitemporal hemianopia [ANSWER] 
b.right homonymous hemianopia
c.left homonymous hemainopia 
d.ipsilateral temporal hemianopia

Q54. Antioxidant Vitamin:
a.vit A 
b.vit E [ANSWER] 
c. vit C

Q55. Which of the following does not increase in stress for surgery:
b.insulin [ANSWER]
c. Glucagon 

Q56. Biguanides side affects:
a. Elevated ALT 
b.diarrhea and flatulence [ANSWER]

Q57. Patient with Gastrectomy presents with Anemia after One and half year, what will you give:
a. Vit C 
d. Blood transfusion

Q58. Data is collected for some clinical trial based on presence or absence of Vomiting. What type
of data it is
a. Ordinal 
b.nominal [ANSWER] 
c. Parametric

Q59. Aphasia (Non-fluent) after stroke or Trauma which area of Brain is involved:
a. Wernickes 
b.brocas [ANSWER]
c. Temporal region 
d. Pyrimidal gyrus

Q60. What cytoskeletal structure connects Extracellular matrix to Intracellular:
a. Integrins 
b.cadherins [ANSWER]
c. Intermediate Filaments 
d. Microtubules

Q61. Wich Antiemetic has high bioavailability:
a. Prochlorthiazide 
b.metoclopramide [ANSWER]
c. Ondasetron 
d. Droperidol

Q62. Cardiac defects in fetus of mother suffering from rubella infection will occur if:
a. 3 rd month 
b. 4 th month
c.5th to 10th week [ANSWER] 
d. 7 th month. chorea which nucleus effected
b.caudate [ANSWER] 
c.globus pallidus athetosis which nucleus effected
b.caudate [ANSWER] 
c.globus pallidus

Q65. Downs Syndrome:
a. Extra chromosome
b.increase incidence with increasing mother age [ANSWER]

Q66. Pulmonary vasoconstruction occurs due to:
A. Raised PCO2 
b.reduced systemic po2 [ANSWER]
C. Reduced pH

Q67. Most imp buffer in blood:
a. Hb 

Q68. Which vitamin act as cofactor in oxidation of fatty acids:
a. Vit B1 
b.biotin [ANSWER] 
c. Vit C

Q69.xytocin and vasopressin originated from:
b. Adrenal medulla 
c.hypothalmus [ANSWER]

Q70. If FACTOR IX not available:
a. Cryoprecepitate 
c.platelets d.whole blood von willebrand factor which one is given
a. Cryoprecepitate [ANSWER] 
c.platelets d.whole blood

Q72.Lt kidney is not related anterioly to
A. Diaphragm [ANSWER] 
b. splenic flexure colon
c.3rd part of deudonum

Q73.On xray,shadow of heart,right border is formed by
a.Right atrium 
b. Ascending aorta
c.Left ventricle d.SVC [ANSWER] e.IVC

Q74right border of heart is formed by
a.Right atrium [ANSWER] 
b. right atrium and svc
c.Left ventricle d.SVC e.IVC

Q75.whic artry occlusion cause posterior 1/3rd of inter ventricular septum m.i
a. lft c artry 
b.rca [ANSWER]
c. inter ventricular artry

Q76.golgi tendon organ is associated wth:
a.measurement of length in muscle [ANSWER]
b.measurement of tension developed in muscle [ANSWER]

a.Increse in numbr of cell 
b.Size Increse
c.transformation of one with other epithelium [ANSWER]

Q78.patient with seizures hypotonia anticalcium antibodies present what is the diagnosis
c.lambert eaton syndrome [ANSWER]

Q79. which of the following drain into superior mesentric lymph node?
a.Jejunum [ANSWER] 
b.4th part of duodenum
c.Desending colon 

Q80.Fever chills 10 days. Pain in chest on lying.structure involved
b.pericardium [ANSWER]

Q81.The muscle that causes eversion of foot.
a.Tibialis post 
b.peroneus longus [ANSWER]

Q82.Burkits lymphoma?

Q83.Post synaptic sympathatic mainly secretes
b.nor epinephrine [ANSWER]

Q84.muscle is stretched,relaxation will occur due to:
a.muscle spindle 
b.golgi tendon organ [ANSWER]

Q85.Cervical carcinoma s associated wd?
a.Trichomonas vaginalis 
c.Candida albican

Q86.Parotid gland
a.Lat pterygoid lies anterior to pterygoid
b.ext carotid passes through superficial gland
c.facial nerve supplies it

Q87.Broder, s classification of tumour of differentiation [ANSWER] of mitosis
c.grading on histopathology

Q88.mucus not secreted by
b.terminal bronchioles [ANSWER]
c.trachea d.nasopharynx

Q89.Effect of drug on a body
b.pharmodynamics [ANSWER]

Q90.Most common known cause of hepatocellular carcinoma in developing countries
a.Hepatitis B 
b.Hepatitis C
c.both hep b and hep c [ANSWER]

Q91.Carpal Tunnel Syndrome
a. Anesthesia of thenar muscles 
b.wasting of thenar muscle [ANSWER]
c.Injury to ulnar nerve d.Injury to radial nerve

Q92.Gluteus medus and minumus cause
a. Adduction and lateral rot 
b.abduction and medial rotation[ANSWER]
c.Extension d.Flexion e. Standing from sitting

Q93.para sympathetic stimulation cause ...
a.periphral vaso dilation 
b.decrease heart rate [ANSWER]
c.thick and viscus saliva sectetion

Q94.widest epidural space??
a.just below foraman magnum 
b.L2 [ANSWER] 
c .T12

Q95.Which one is used for beta oxidation of fatty acifds and CHO
a. biotin [ANSWER] 
b. pantathenic acid 
c.vit B12

Q96.Which is not blood supply of scalp
a.occipital artery 
b.maxillary artery [ANSWER]
c.supra orbital artery 
d .supra trochlear artery

Q97.Pancreatitis in fluid accumulation??
a.Sub diapgrm 
b.Sub phrnic
c.Para colic gutter [ANSWER] 
d.lesser sac

Q98.Extent to which tissue disturbed by occlusion of its venous or arterial supply does not
depend on
a.anatomical pattern of vascular supply
b.velocity of blood in tissue [ANSWER] 
c.general state of blood

Q99.Anion gap
a.difference b/w measured cation and unmeasurd anion [ANSWER]

Q100.infective endocsrditis diagnostic investigation?
a.ASO titre b.blood culture [ANSWER]

Q101.Essential fatty acid?

a.linoliec acid [ANSWER] 
b.palmatic acid

Q102. a pt with histry of bleeding gums n wounds prolongd bleeding time and PT 28SEC (
control 12sec) wats the diagnosis?
c.won wiliband disease d.factore 7 deficiency [ANSWER]

Q103.drug which is analgesic but not anesthetic
a.desflurane b.isofurane c.nitrous oxide [ANSWER]

Q104.if circumflex branch of left coronary artery is blocked which area will b effected,,,
a.anterior surface of left ventricle 
b.posterior surface of left ventricle [ANSWER]
c.interventricular septum

Q105.regarding cimitidine intake what effect causes
a. Agranulocytosis 
b.inibition of hepatic enzymes [ANSWER]
c.anti estero genic effect

Q106.a drug causing ↑GFR will do it by following mechanism
a.↓ing bLOOD flow
b.increasing hydrostatic pressure

Q107.Plasmodium falciparum causes:
a.Hemolytic anemia water fever [ANSWER]

Q108.axone arise from conical shape part of neuron cell body called.
b.axon hillocks [ANSWER]

Q109.peptic ulcer profusely bleeding from posterior wall o duodenum...which artery involed?
a.gastroduodenal [ANSWER] 

Q.110.Epithelium of kidney is developed from
a. endoderm only 
b. ectoderm only
c. mesoderm only [ANSWER] 
d. endoderm + mesoderm
e. ectoderm + mesoderm

Q111.deep inguinal ring is present in
a.transversis abdominis muscle 
b.transversalis fascia [ANSWER]
c.internal oblique muscle

Q112.wash red bloood cell use to abolish
a.hypersensitivity [ANSWER] 
c.Transfusion reaction

Q113.Scrotal carcinoma - spread to
a. Deep inguinal 
b.Superficial inguinal [ANSWER]
Q114.parathyroid glands are developed from
a.1st pharyngeal pouch, 
b.2 pouch
c.3rd pharyngeal pouch 
d.4th p pouch 
e. both 3rd and 4th correct [ANSWER] 

Q115.In IV drugs abusers
a. Libman Sacks endocarditis 
b.bacterial endocarditis [ANSWER]
c. Mitral valve carditis 
d. Rheumatic fever or heart disease

Q116.true abt vertebral column
A.cervical nerves originate above crresponding vertebra [ANSWER]
B.vertebral artery arches ant part of post arch of axis

Q117.papillary carcinoma of thyroid occurs due to
a.radiation [ANSWER]

Q118.seminoma in male ,if same origion occurs in overy then its called
a.yolk sac 
c.dysgerminoma [ANSWER]

Q119.which of the following is premalignant lesion
a.lichen planus [ANSWER]

Q120.ewing sarcoma occurs which site of bone
a.diaphysis [ANSWER] 
b.epiphysis c.metaphysis

Q121.spermatogenesis is stimulated by
d.FSH and testosterone [ANSWER] old diabetic develops sensory abnormalities of left foot and ulcer of big toe .the
pathogenesis of this condition is best described by
a.angiopathy with neuropathy [ANSWER] 
b.accelerated atherosclerosis
d.vascular occlusion with infection

Q123.a pt is having generalized pain,and taking nsaid drugs,nw developed swelling n big toe,
wht will b present in fluid
a.mono sodium urate crystals [ANSWER]

Q124.type 1 hypersensity reaction

Q125.cardiac reserve
a.increase in athelet

Q126.regarding neutrophil correct statment is
a.migrate into and out of blood stream [ANSWER] 
b.more phagocytic n blood stream
c.decrease n infective carditions 
d.decrease whn corticosteroid given

Q127.regarding vit k a water soluble 
b.produced by intestinal bacteria [ANSWER]
c.present n large amount n human and cow milk

Q128.human placenta has
a.amnion on its fetal side [ANSWER] 
b.chorio allantoic placenta
c.get separated along the stratum spongiosum
d.get seperated whn is rupture of may uterine arteries

Q129.regarding vertebra
a.31 pairs of spinal nerve
b.each cervical nerve arises above the crossponding vertebra [ANSWER]

Q130.regarding oculomotor nerve
a.arising from trigeminal gangalion
b.all the fibers going to sphincter pupillae muscle parasympathetic [ANSWER]

Q131.ulcer caused by anarobic staphyloccus
a.arterial ulcer 
b.venous ulcer 
c.marjulan ulcer

Q132.epididymis drain into
a.vasdeferens [ANSWER] 
b.ejaculatory duct 
c.seminal vesicle

Q133.person naked n room,temperatue 21 centigrade ,humidity present,loss of heat by.
a.insensible perspiration 
c.conduction and radiation [ANSWER] 

Q134.a pregant lady has bile duct obstruction,which s marker best
a.gama glutamyl transferase [ANSWER] 
c.ALT d.alkaline phosphatase

Q135.regarding lesser sac
a.double peritonal layer [ANSWER]

Q136.congenital catract caused by
a.rubella [ANSWER] 

Q137.lidocaine mechanism of action
a.blocks na channels [ANSWER] 
b. block k channels

Q138.extent to which tissue distrurbed by occulsion by its venous or arterial supply doesnt
depend on
a.velocity of blood in tissue
b.anatomical pattern vascular supply
c.general state of blood

Q139.when head of fetus became exactly half of the length at crl
a.3 month [ANSWER] 
b.4th mont 
c.7th month

Q140.malignant neoplasia which rarely metastasized
a.basal cell carcinoma [ANSWER] 
b.breast carcinoma
c.bronchial carcinoma

Q141.most appropriate about clavipectoral fascia
a.coers pectoral minor [ANSWER] 
b.covers pectoral major

Q142.lysosome has secretion against bacterial iron, bkz thy contain
a.hydrolases [ANSWER] 

Q143.normal t cells and low b cells and mild anemia
b.aplastic anemia 

Q144.cricoid cartilage

Q145.blood supply of heart is regulated by
a.local metabolites [ANSWER]

Q146.coronary artery corpus callosum forms
a.join 2 hippocampus 
b.posterioly forms a ridge
c.join parts in same cerebral hemisphere

Q147.about small intestine true is
a.valvae connivents most numerous in ileum
b.mesentry start from the rite of L2
c.valvae connivents 5mm wide
d.small intestine 6-8 meters long [ANSWER]

Q148.right horizontal semicircular canal stimulated
a.head tilt to right b.head tilt to left

Q149.end product of purine metabolism
a.uric acid [ANSWER]

Q150.basic scavengers
a.macrophages [ANSWER]

Q151.great cerebral vein does not drain into
a.occipital vein [ANSWER]

Q152.acute inflamation protein more thn 3
a.exudate [ANSWER]

Q153.regarding gap junctions

Q154.recurrent ulcers n mouth
a.atrophic stomatitis [ANSWER]

Q155.orofecal transmission
a.hep e [ANSWER]

Q156.elderly with scenario of malnutrition the most unlikely is
a.thromocytopenia [ANSWER]

Q157. cause of death in clostridium infection
a.toxemia [ANSWER] 
b.toxic shock syndrome

Q158.vocal cords atrophy

Q159.correct about aorta
a.lies to rt of cisterna chyli 
b.divides at L5
c.give branches to parities at L1 renal arteries at L2 [ANSWER]

Q160.a girl has midline neck swelling ,histology shws normal thyroid tissue ,which epithalium
a.simple columner wid ciliated cells
b.cuboidal follicular [ANSWER] 
c.stratifed squamous

Q161.a child came with bleeding , which investagation will u do
a.aptt [ANSWER] 
b.bleeding time
c.clotting time

Q162. farmer wid migratory lesion on foot
b.strongyloides stercoralis
c.cutaneous larve migran [ANSWER]

Q163.nerve loss in urogenital ,which nerve is severed
b.pudenal [ANSWER]

Q164.true abt throacic duct ,drain into
a.right brachiocephalic 
b.svc confluence of left subclavian and left jugular [ANSWER]

Q165.a man comes ist time to pak,develops fever thn coma,on investagation 10 percent
platelets ,wbc dec
c.falciparum [ANSWER]

Q166.main class associated wid antigen presenting celles
b.mhc2 [ANSWER]

Q167.about posterior triangle correct statement is
a.apex is mid of clavicle 
b.formed by ant border of sternocleidmastoid
c.contains subclavian,three trunks of brachial plexus [ANSWER]

Q168.tumor n children with blue cells and high levels of catecholamines
b.neuroblastoma [ANSWER]
c.wilms tumor

Q169.abt trichomonas vaginalis correct is
a.can b a commensal n vagina 
b.sexually transmitted [ANSWER]
c.treated wid quinolones

Q170.gustarty sweating is caused by
a.submandibular excision 
b.superficial parotectomy [ANSWER]
c.wisdom tooth extraction

Q171.regarding thyroid
a.lympatic drainage n deep cervical lymph node [ANSWER]
b.isthmus is level of c4 and c5
c.its covered by prevertebral fascia

Q172.secondry center of ossification is
a.epiphysis [ANSWER] 

Q173.which of following predisposes carcinoma of billery system
a.clonarchis sinensis [ANSWER] 
b.taenia solium

Q174.which of the following is hypovoliume
a,oliguria [ANSWER]

Q175.starling effect
a.increase venous return [ANSWER]

Q176.slow growing tumor of parotid gland
a.pleomorphic adenoma [ANSWER]

Q177.propulsive movement of intestine effected ,due to lesion of
a.aurbach [ANSWER] 
b.myntric pleuxes

Q178.absolute lymphocytes with b sore throat
a.infectious mononucleosis [ANSWER]

Q179.K excretion n diet distal tubules
a.distal tubules [ANSWER]

Q180.narrowest part of urethra
a.external meautis [ANSWER]

Q181. ca prostate spread by
a.vertibral plexus [ANSWER]

a.pyrodoxine [ANSWER]

Q183.after non lethal mi in 4 minutes
a.arrhythmias [ANSWER] b.complete recovery

Q184.Artenoid cartilage
a.give attachment to inferior constricter [ANSWER]

Q185.opsonization occurs of c3b [ANSWER]

Q186.subdural hematoma
a.diploc fracture [ANSWER]

Q187.fracture of 9th and 10th ribs will cause injury of which organ
a.spleen [ANSWER] 



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