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How to watch/unblock Youtube videos in Pakistan

I respect the decision made by the court of Pakistan and is fully against the upload of any such material that directly or indirectly offend Muslims or people of any religion.

I appeal for an international law for the respect of all religions and for protecting the feelings of all followers especially Islam. For there are 2 billion Muslims and they are the one being attacked and harassed the most.

Despite the upload of blasphemic content in YouTube for which YouTube had not taken any action there is a lot of informative and educational stuff on YouTube which should not be blocked and was neither the order of court.

Here is a little software that will let you open YouTube in Pakistan.

But remember watching or spreading any video or page or link against Islam or Holy prophet PBUH even out of curiosity is a BIG SIN.

>Click below if you agree....

Click here to DOWNLOAD
>>>>>>>>>I PROMISE that I will only use YouTube for educational and informative purpose and will not misuse this software in any way


  • Click i promise (above) to download the software.
  • Install this software.
  • After installation run it and click connect.
  • Once the icon turn green you can now watch youtube videos.

Good Luck!


  1. Assalam-o-alaikum Dr Sahib
    my son is 3years old.he loves Dettol warriors movie.main ussy utube m dikha dia krti thi...kabhi download hi nahi ki...abhi usko school m addmission krwaya.wo bohat rota tha,school nahi jata tha.main ne ussy dettol warrior ki pics dikhai k ap school jao ge to dettol warrior ban k pakistan ko aur apny schol ko bachao ge..main ne bohat dettol warrior movie search ki mgr kahiin nahi chalti thi and you tube was blocked.aj ap k software se waqai chal my little son is watching dettol warrior..and mujh se promise kr raha hai k subha wo happily apni montessory jaye ga and dettol warrior ban k apny pakistan ko bachaye ga:)
    Heartly Thanks...Jazaak Allah

    1. Wa-alikum-us-salam!
      M happy to know that it helped.. I hope hamza will prove himself to be a great asset for Pakistan :)

    2. @ HAMZA ... SOO CUTE :) God bless u n ur son :)

  2. Assalam-o-Alaikum Dr Sahib!
    I Promise that I will only use YouTube for educational purpose & Watching Tom & Jerry & will not misuse this software in any way:)
    Heartly Thanks............................................Jazaak Allah

  3. i promise i will use it in good ways and watching cartoons only

  4. I think this site also needs to mention that "ALL TRAFFIC (USERNAME/PASSWORD/CHAT/SKYPE/BROWSER ACTIVITY) after activating the software" goes through the hotspot shield servers, i.e., they save it! (for just sake of collecting? sell to others may be?, use your fears and imagination and figure out why you've been getting "you've won a lottery" ticket or "check this out, it's great" email from your friends in your inbox).
    I downloaded the software thinking it'll somehow mask the youtube request in some way that it'll pass through the website/IP filter enforced by PTA, but it turns out to be a VPN!, and a free one! and not to mention the ads it fetches from other networks. That's a big "UNTRUSTED" sign right there!
    Reason to making this comment is not to degrade the information or the intent of poster, but to add to the information.

    And for watching and sharing videos on internet, there are other awesome sites like and And if your desired content is only available on youtube and you find using this software necessary, then use it with caution, i.e., log out from all websites and softwares that use internet (skype, gamil, outlook, facebook) before turning this software on and ONLY watch youtube while this software is active.

    P.S. sorry for the all caps text.
    I hope it helps somebody.

  5. hey iinstalled but there was not any type of button indicating "Connect"!!! it is red how do i turn it green??? plztell me

  6. Click on the red button a pop up will appear with connect option... If not then you should restart your windows... If still does not work, delete the program and re install it... Hope it helps...

  7. Dr. Sahab I don't see my comment here, that I made around two days ago, despite the fact that it was to help the people you're trying to help! any thoughts?

  8. I think Hotspot Shield is best option to unblock youtube in pakistan. It anonymizes you online, and bypasses location based filters, local authorities will not be able to monitor or trace you online.

  9. Assalam-o-Alaikum Dr Sahib!

    My Age Is 13 Year Ma Bara Ho Ka Heart Doctor Bana Chata Hon Ma Youtube Per Heart Surgery Or Bohat Sare Imformation Malom Karta Hon Jub Sa Youtube Block Ha Tum Sa Ma Apny Study Nahi Kar Sakta Tha Par ap Ke Softwear ke Waja Sa Ab Ma Apny Study Kar Sakta Hon

    Thank You
    So Much

  10. nice software.thanks for sharing.

  11. dr. sahib nice software.and its easy to install and use..thanks

  12. thank u very much for this software

  13. DR. sahib it is a best software and very easy thanks

  14. DR Sahib it is a best and easy software.Thanks for sharing

  15. Thanks for sharing such a good unblock you tube software its really works and now again watching video tutorials and lecture on you tube which past few months i am not able to seen due to the you tube is blocked in Pakistan but this software really help me and i enjoy it very much to again watch my favorite tutorials.

  16. mere desktop pe is software ka jo icon hai us ka na red colour hai aur na green

    1. Software install kernay k baad usko double click kerein... tab aik new tab open hoga usper "connect" per click kerein...


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