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4th Year MBBS Sendup Papers 2011

SPECIAL THANKS to DR. NIDA KHALID (N-57) & DR. ZAHRA ASIF for contibuting these sendup papers. 
May Allah Bless them. Ameen!
You can also contribute any help stuff by contacting me directly or by mailing me at aeymon[at]live[dot]com.

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Allama Iqbal Medical College Sendups 2011


Quaid-e-Azam Medical College Sendups 2011

Rawalpindi Medical College Sendups 2011

Sheikh Zayed Medical College Sendups 2011

Punjab Medical College Sendups 2011

Wah Medical College Sendups


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wah medical college send ups???

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thanx a lot dr hafiz.really helpful.lmdc nd fmh.?

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does anyone which professor of which college preparing the paper of pathology?

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sims send up ???????????

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good collection

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CMH PAthology
1.female wth multipl orgn failur 3 week aftr pneumonia n septicemia.chst x ray has lung opacifictn.diag ?draw diagrm of an alveolus of dcnditn. hs angina fr 2 yrz durng excrcize.n fixd 75%narow lft cornry artry.vasculr lesn?mrphlgy of it.gros n micro of heart chngs aftr 4 hr of m.i. hs anemia n blod in stool.a mas in colon,mucosa nrmal.list 3 type of adenomas in diag? 2 prognstc fctr of ca colon?hsto difrnc b/w ulceratv colits n crohns? has dysphagia,dyspe psia n nausea.h/o wght los.esophgs nrmal n los of rugal folds in stmch n stif wals.diag?hsto of gastrc adnoca.role of h.pylori? hs palpitatn,wght los,lid lag n pritbial myxedma.wht wil b result of thyrd fn tst,
3 antibdis,hsto in gland?

6.drw flow chrt of patho of diabetc ketoacidosis.

7.chronic myelogenous lukemia scenrio

8.prognstc fctr of breast ca n mrphgy dcis.

9.serolgc n biolgc mrkrz in lab of hbv.hsto of cirhosis.

10.morph of endomtrial hyperplasia,gen etc relatn b/w ca n endomtrl hyprplasia.

11.giv micro,ultra structrl n immunoflourescn t findng of kdney in post streptococl glomlonphritis.

12.markr of prostate tumr n its role in managmen.gradng schme of ca prostate.

13.patho gouty arthritis,featr z of tuberclous osteomyelitis.