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3rd Year MBBS Behavioral Science OSPE

Special Thanks to  
Dr. Herman from UMDC, Faisalabad &
Dr. Marina Izhar from NMC, Multan
for  sharing these OSPE Questions. May Allah bless them for their help. Ameen! 
You can also contribute any help stuff by contacting me directly or by mailing me at aeymon[at]live[dot]com.


Behavioral sciences OSPE (11-1-2012) 

9 stations 

Non-observed: 5 (10 marks each)
1.a scenario of PTSD question: enumerate atleast five symptoms of PTSD other then these. (2 were given in scenario) 
2. list Erikson's stages of psychosocial development, with age paraosmias explain briefly any one 5 psychological factors that influence pain 
5.list 5 steps of sleep hygiene 

Observed:4 (10 marks each) 
6. demonstrate open, closed and leading question on the mock patient and answer the question: which type of question is best way to begin the interaction? 
7. provide informational care to a patient who is suffering from tuberculosis and thinks it is a result of "jadoo" 
8. break bad news to a patient who had a swelling in gums and the diagnosis is "malignancy"?? 
9. scenario of ICU psychosis! explain the ICU nurse what should she do. question: how will u help the patient suffering from ICU psychosis?
Best of Luck!! Remember me in your prayers. Thanks!


  1. thats nice .. thanks :) we wish for more :)

  2. a gr8 job...
    thnx a lot

  3. vry helpful.....
    JAzaK allah!!!!

  4. there are just 9 stations 4 are observed 5 unobserved

  5. Awesome work done!!

  6. hey nice work bro.GOD BLESS U

  7. @anonymouus who said you suck!!! ignore this jealous retard whenever someone does something good there are always these haters who dont make any sense at all I pity these fools
    great work buddy!

  8. hey Aeymon and company, you all doing a terrific job, please try to post as much as you receive from other colleges even if it isn't in a picture format, just writing the questions here will be of great help

  9. well done aeymon...
    ALLAH bless u all...who posted ospe.


    GOOD JOB BABY...!!!11

  11. @anonymous: none of these are in picture format, i type them and convert them into a picture so you people can easily download on a single click....i post all questions i recieve, keep sending me mails here ::>> aeymon[at]live[dot]com

  12. can any one please tell me marks distribution of ospe?

  13. JAzak ALLAH...
    ALLAH ap ko iska ajar day.AMEEN

  14. can anyone plz tell ospe pattern of dis year

  15. Jazakillah is all I can say, Sir :)

  16. that is really very very helpful..thanx may Allah bless u ameen

  17. thnxxxxxxxxxxx..really gud job..stay blssd ameeen

  18. great effort sir...stay blessed always ameeen


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