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3rd Year MBBS Pharmacognosy (of Pharmacology) OSPE

Special Thanks to Dr. FAHAD ALI (N-57) for capturing these models and sharing. May Allah bless him for his help. Ameen!
You can also contribute any help stuff by contacting me directly or by mailing me at aeymon[at]live[dot]com.
 Castor Seeds



 Clove Oil

 Almond oil

 Aniseed oil


 Cara way

 Castor oil

 Code liver oil





 Nut meg

 Nux Vomica


 Terpentine oil

thymol oil


Anonymous said...

thnx alot......

Anonymous said...

teri aisi ki tasi

Anonymous said...

these r of no use in pharma ospe

Dr.Hafiz Aeymon said...

i know but someone requested... so i uploaded.....

The real Anonymous :-p said...

viva mein bohat zaroori hai. Sir pooch rhay hain.

Nishtarian said...

Camera result kharab hai. theek se nazar nhi aa rha.

Dr.Hafiz Aeymon said...

sorry 4 that... i didnt captured these... and my frend used a 2mp cam so the result.....
If you have these pictures in better quality. Please feel free to share with us!!